Masks are allowed for bottoms, fantasy wrestling which takes place in costumes and the Gi series ONLY. 

Please keep in mind these activities/dynamics can change depending on what I am looking for.  

$50 deposit required!!  This eliminates time wasters. 


bottom means you are the submissive

top means you are the dominant

  1. My professional male videographer shoots ALL videos. He produces videos for a handful of websites including Academy Wrestling, Smothering Black Asses and mine.
  2. Video participants are brought out on an as-needed basis. 
  3. You must provide a valid ID at the time of the shoot.
  4. You must sign a model release and an injury waiver (for specific activities) that I provide at the shoot.
  5. These shoots are with ME unless you ear the privilege of doing videos with me and my sexy friends.  
  6. Want to do videos with another model other than me? You can sponsor another model after you have come out to do videos with me at least once. This means you MUST cover her model rate and you MUST give me that prior to our shoot so I can comfortably schedule her. The average model rate starts at $125 per hour and you MUST cover their booking requirements. 

What to expect: I will contact you and let you know I have received your form and if I have any initial questions or concerns about your form I will let you know. When I have a date/time in mind I will contact you to see your availability. If that date/time works for you-you will be required to pay your deposit in order to be placed on my schedule. Once I have your deposit I will send you an email with my address plus a general shoot itinerary. I use the information from you video participant form to plan the activities/dynamics we will do in the shoot.  At the time of the shoot, you will be asked to sign the model release, injury waiver, and provide ID. Videos range from 10-20 minutes in length depending on the activity and you will be placed in positions, posed, and given instructions on what I am looking for in each video.  

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