Private Residence
Middle River, MD 21220


These rules are non-negotiable and I may add to or change them at my discretion.  

Non-Sexual Fetish Sessions
I am not an escort, nor do I offer sexual activities in my sessions. This includes strap-on, forced bi, JOI, ass worship, pussy worship, or foot jobs. I am not nude in sessions. Do not ask if you can "get yourself off."  Under the law, these activities are prostitution.  Be smart and do not ask!

No, I will NOT refer you to someone because I am NOT a pimp! 

The ONLY way these activities occur is during video shoots. These can be if you come out as a VIDEO SUB, VIDEO TOP, or VIDEO PARTICIPANT. You MUST provide ID, fill out a model release form, and my videographer will be present to record the video.

Business Hours
My business hours are 9 am - 9 pm, 7 days a week. I will not answer phone calls or emails about sessions outside of those hours. If you'd like to schedule and earlier or later appointment, that can be done for specific activities if they session is booked in advance and the deposit is paid. If you call or text me during my business hours and I do not answer that means I am unavailable and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to. If you'd like me to call you back please leave a voice mail specifically asking me to. Do not blow up my phone, text message, or email if I do not answer or respond immediately. 

Do Not Misuse My Phone Number
Do NOT misuse my phone number! What does that mean? Simple.. if you are NOT calling or texting to book a fetish session do NOT use my phone number. Don't use it to tell me you want to serve me or how you love my feet. It is available for those booking sessions ONLY. If you use it to pursue a "personal relationship" you will be 
blocked.  I simply will not engage you. 

If you want to contact me about serving me as a personal do it via email AFTER you have read what I require of personal foot slaves and 
finsubs/slaves HERE.  If you want to serve me as a sissy or sub/slave you MUST fill out my video participant form and serve me on camera! 

Same Day Appointments
Same day appointments are possible. I require a 1-hour  notice. Same day appointments are NOT available for Video Subs or Video Tops! 
In somecases same day appointments for double domination sessions, may be possible but 24-hour notice is typically required. 

Respect My Time
If all you want to do is "talk" about your fetish fantasies, please don't waste my time by emailing about a session. Call me on VERIFIED CALLS and I'll happily talk to you about your personal fetish fantasies.f you are going to be late for your appointment, please call and or text me ASAP. Remember that I wait for 5-minutes after out appointment time before notifying you that I am placing you on my NCNS list. If you are late for your appointment your time starts and ends at the scheduled time not when you arrive.

Rates Are Non-Negotiable
Do not insult me by trying to haggle prices.  Understand only specific activities are done in 30-minute sessions all other activities require a 1-hour session at a minimum.

No deposit Required for all 30-minute and 1-hour sessions but all sessions longer than 1-hour require deposits. The exception to this is sweaty foot worship, oil wrestling, double domination, and video top and video sub sessions.

The deposits are through Amazon e-gift card or cash ONLY!  Deposits are for a specific date & time and are non-refundable.

Deposits are via Amazon E-Gift Cards or Cash. The remaining balance of your session fee MUST be paid in cash ONLY!  I do NOT accept credit cards, PayPal or Gift Rocket. You can take a cash advance on your credit card and I have allowed people to 
Western Unionme their session fee and pay it all via an Amazon e-gift card (which allows them to pay with their credit card). However, that is done on a case by case basis and the entire session fee plus an additional fee of $25 are required in full before your session.

Phone Numbers & Emails Required
 I require your phone 
numbers  in order to book you, regardless of you calling me, or if you book via email, my contact form or reply to a Eros ad. The ONLY time I will use your number is to send you a confirmation text that you MUST respond to and if you are more than 5 minutes late and I am notifying you that you are going on my No Call No Show (NCNS) list.

SUB FORM, OR VIDEO TOP FORM both your phone number and email are required. 

No Blocked Phone Numbers
I do NOT answer blocked, unknown or private numbers on the rare occasion I do I will simply tell you if you want to book a session with me you must call me from an unblocked number. I can NOT book you from a blocked number because I must be able to text you a confirmation text once I receive your deposit that has my play space address. Plus frankly, if you want me to trust you then you need to trust me. 

No Public Play
I will not violate someone's consent and force them to participate unknowingly in a fetish scene. This does not include fetish clubs or BDSM / fetish parties or subtle D/s or M/s dynamics such as using
titles / honorifics such as Mistress / pet.

Limits, safe
words, and signals will be respected!
I am a RACK practitioner so I give safe words and or signals in every session. It is up to you if use them or not. If you ignore safewords and or signals you are violating consent. If that happens the session can and will end. If you blatantly ignore limits, don't be shocked if and when the sessions ends and you are asked to leave. If this happens you will NOT get your session fee returned to you.

No Call No Show Policy
If you make an appointment with me or anyone else at my play space and do not keep it your appointment or if you are more than 5 minutes late and do not contact me you will be placed on my no call no show list. This is NOT a public list, it is for my eyes only. However, if you find yourself on this list you will be required to purchase something off my NCNS wish list or pay a $100 rebooking fee. I MUST receive the item off the NCNS wish list or the rebooking fee before I will rebook you. Once you have done that then you must pay a deposit of $100 minimum before I will confirm your session.  The deposit will vary if you are booking more than an hour.

Hard Limits

These are activities that will NOT occur during sessions so do NOT ask for them! 

  • No nipple torture with me as the submissive/bottom.
  • No crushing insects or live animals. 
  • No drinking urine or eating feces. 
  • No cutting during knife play. 
  • No red showers.
  • No scat, brown showers, or enemas.
  • No golden showers. This ONLY occurs during VIDEO SUB sessions! 
  • No financial ruination. 
  • No "blackmail" outside of roleplay on camera or in calls on Verified Calls. 
  • No permanent damage OR intentional injury this include but not limited to rupturing balls, cutting with a knife, or breaking bones
  • No strap-on, hand jobs, foot jobs, blow jobs, ass worship, or pussy worship. These can ONLY occur on video! 
  • No nudity on my part.  This can ONLY occur on video! 
  • If I believe that you are intoxicated, then you can not give consent and that will mean I will NOT see you.