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Cunt Busting Fan - Custom Videos 
August 4, 2015 

My name is Steve from Ohio and
i have ordered 4 custom videos from Veronica. The first two were made shipped and recieved in a very timely fashion and were awesome. She did everything she said she would and then some. The length of the videos were longer than i requested and there was no time wasted with dialogue changing clothes or any other delays. She got directly to the tit and cunt busting. The hits were hard and very real. The camera work was also as i asked also. So many other companies shoot their videos so poorly that u wonder if a third grader was actually behind the camera. Their shots r at bad angles that often block what u want and pay to see and the camera is often all over the place. Or they shoot so u can see a foot over the model's head but not low enough to actually see the cunt busting or they zoom in on the model's face as she takes a shot then zoom out to see nothing. None of these frustrating things were the case with Veronica. The camera was still and fo! cussed and at good angles so u could watch the video without missing a shot. The other two video arrived today and were once again here very promptly. Veronica is an absolute professional to deal with and has very reasonable prices. And most importantly can sure take a tit and cunt busting with the very best of them. Nothing needs to be faked or staged because she can handle some pretty hard kicks knees and punches. She gets a huge thumbs up from me!!! I will definitely be ordering more soon!!! 

Grudge Fight Guy 
August 6, 2015 

“ Veronica recently produced 2 excellent custom videos for me using my draft script. They were fighting scenarios where she was beaten, stripped naked and sexually dominated by Selene. Veronica arranged everything, the videos were well produced, captured ALL my vital scenes, and were done on time. If anyone wants a sexy custom video produced, using sexy ladies ---- get in touch with Veronica !!! ” 

 Cunt Busting Fan - Custom Videos
August 7, 2015 

This is Steve from Ohio again. The other 2 customs that I received earlier this week were absolutely awesome once again. Everything was exactly as I requested and the camera work was great as usual. The punches,
kicks and knees were as hard as I have ever seen. Once again I am a satisfied customer. Thanks so much Veronica! 

Videos For My Personal Collection
May 2016 

"In May I emailed Veronica because I was interested in shooting a custom video with her.
Unfortunately I was unable to make the trip to Baltimore, so she agreed to meet me in New Jersey. Veronica replies promptly to emails, so we were able to work out the details and logistics of the video shoot fairly quick. She is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about various fetishes, so I wasn't afraid to throw some crazy ideas her way. I've shot a handful videos this year, and by no means a professional, so Veronica had her work cut out for her. Luckily she was extremely patient with me as our shoot ran way over the agreed time frame. Veronica is definitely not a clock watcher. She's very interested in her client's satisfaction, and made sure I had all of the footage I needed before we ended our shoot. Working with someone who has an understanding of fetishes and kinks, makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If I ever find myself in her area, I wouldn't hesitate to contact her again. If you're a producer or a GWC, I highly recommend Veronica Vixen!"

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