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Veronica Vixen 
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Oil wrestler  


I had an awesome oil wrestling session! She is so strong and we had such a great time.

Added on June 16, 2014

I called Veronica to book a session, stating I want it all I am new. Veronica started asking the right questions, eliminating things which would turn me off. Once we got through that and met, a safe word was given. I did not use it, but said “it’s starting to hurt too much” Veronica picked up on it and stopped.

She is a very special person, caring, listening, paying attention, watches body language. I thought I will have one session with her, on my short stay here. That turned out to be 3 meetings because with Veronica it’s not a session its heavenly experience! 

CBT Virgin
July 7, 2014

amazing I hope to try it again

Added on March 18, 2014

I had a wrestling and face sitting session with Veronica and Syoja recently. It was everything as advertised and more. It was an experience and not a session. They are both very friendly and entertaining and are not clock watchers. The experience was well worth it.

Wrestling Dude
July 6, 2014

Veronica was awsome ! From the time she opened the door until it was time to go . I had a really fun wrestling session with her . This was my first experience with her and was really a lot of fun. She really cared and was not a clock watcher . Hope to go back soon.

Today I got this email from him and am posting it with his permission. 

July 8, 2014

Btw my neck is killing me I can barely turn it and my shoulders are also sore but had a Awsome time !

Added on February 21, 2014

Veronica is very pleasant to deal with in booking. She answered all of my questions regarding an over the knee spanking session. We had an hour long session and when I left her ass was a nice bright red. We both enjoyed the session with is important to me.

Added on January 9, 2014

This is my first time I had a Session with mistress Veronica and I’m really had a very great time More precious than gold and unfortunately the time runing so fast because I was having fun worshipping mistress Veronica feet and I look forweard to schedule a session with mistress Veronica
Hurts So Good
July 14, 2014

Setting up a session with Veronica, even on short notice, is incredibly easy.  She has a safe and private space with plenty of parking in a Baltimore suburb.  When I arrived she made me feel very comfortable.  I booked a foot worship and cbt session and got everything I could have expected and more.  Her feet are beautiful, well maintained and generally perfect.  And she sure knows how to use them to make it hurt so good.  She definitely enjoys what she does, but no way she enjoyed it more than I did.  I will definitely be repeating.

October 13, 2014

amazing I will see her again soon

October 16, 2014

I recently had a wrestling session with Veronica Vixen and it was fantastic!  She has a spacious place with wrestling mats.  We had plenty of room to rumble.  She wore a sexy see-thru fishnet outfit that highlighted her curves.  On the mat she was quite strong with unbreakable head scissors and tight school boy pins.  She has fantastic technique and wrestling with her is a tremendous workout!  I was covered in sweat afterward.  If you want a great session near Baltimore then you just have to see Veronica.

Mr. Ass Man
November 22, 2014

I called Veronica and 20 minutes later I was at her place. I didn’t want to tap out but I had to.   I think she used 4 different positions on me some which I had not experienced before. My favorite she called th gyno position. She’s such a wonderful tease! I wanted to do another 30 minutes but real life wouldn’t allow it. 

 Jacked Up

I had a 30 minute facesitting & SPH session with Veronica.  I was totally jacked up and her site rocks. She is lovely looking and really cool with her shaved head. Her facesiting was amazing! 

Four hours later I called her and asked her if I could come back for a CBT session.  She used a plastic fork, pin wheels, small flogger, wooden spatula, tens unit and her hands and feet on my cock and balls. 

Experienced Sessions Wrestler
March 11, 2015

I came across Veronica’s backpage ad along with ads for 2 other women who offered wrestling. I called Veronica because she was not hosting in a hotel and she had  large area of mats. While I was changing into shorts, she offered me either a cold bottle of water or gatorade plus a wash cloth. She was a strong and challenging opponent and she gave me a great work out. After our match, she asked if would like to shower and had a fresh towel and wash cloth waiting for me in the bathroom. I look forward to seeing her again. 

Last Minute
April 7, 2015

I had a last minute session with Veronica and she listened to what I wanted and gave that to me with her own personal twist. Fantastic!

July 1, 2015

I had my first session w/Veronica and is was really enjoyable. I am a bit of a "newbie" and she at me at ease.  We had communicated by email before so we both knew what sort of session I was looking for.  I wanted to experiment with foot worship, ball busting/cunt busting, face sitting, scissors.  I am about 1.5 years post hip replacement, so we needed to take it a little easy.  She was very good with this.  Veronica is very knowledgeable about the field and I felt comfortable the entire time.  Veronica helped me explore different parts of fetish.  She has very strong legs and thighs, and all were enjoyable by me.  I felt totally comfortable with her.

Venison Man
July 7, 2015

I finally had a chance a to have a 2nd session with Veronica. It took me way too long to get back to her. She had started new things and had new toys, I couldn't wait. I took advantage of her selling worn panties and picked up a pair of 3 day worn ones. They were incredible. The smell of her was intoxicating in them. The session was for bondage, cbt, facesitting and discipline. I asked her to go a little harder on me than before and boy, did I get what I asked for, and then some. Veronica was in control of the entire session and I could tell she had a plan in her head the whole time. We flowed from one thing to the next. She kept me right on the edge and I was lost in ecstasy. She seemed to be able to read me just right and knew when my body and it's different parts were at their limit. She would go right to them, push them and move on. Her use of the tens unit was amazing, a sensation I had never felt before and I want more. Veronica surely knows her way around a "dungeon." as she kept me on that edge, I could find relief merely by inhaling from those 3 day worn panties when she had them placed over my face. Her fragrance helped me push through thresholds I didn't think I could. When her muscular legs wrap around your head and she sits down, you know that your next breath will be entirely up to her, and what a great feeling that is. She makes you feel right at ease upon entering and is very personable. Her location is very clean, safe and secure. Veronica has been very accomodating when scheduling and great communication. She is indeed a true professional and conducts herself as so. She was even kind enough to take some pictures of her handiwork along the way and had them emailed to me very soon after our session. I will be going back for 3rd time and it won't be nearly as long in between as before. I would love to do daily visits! To play the cliche, out of 5 stars I would give her 77. She is just that good! I can't wait to return and be at her mercy once again. 

August 12, 2015

Veronica is a sweetheart! And by sweetheart, I mean she is equally adept at being nice or being mean. That takes a certain kind of people skill, which she has, and kicking skills, which she also has, and enough empathy to know what her 'victim' is feeling and thinking at the moment. My first time couldn't have gone any better. I got comfortable, we sat and talked for a few minutes, and she EVEN OFFERED ME WATER. Also, Veronica has beautiful eyes. That's always a plus, especially for a first timer like myself.

What more could I have asked for? Its an interesting question...but I'm afraid to know the answer, heh. For those of you who are braver or more foolish than I am, you might get an answer if you dare.

Not an Ass
August 10, 2015

I called Veronica about having a foot worship session when she said she required a deposit I tried my hardest to get her to simply see me. She didn't get upset or angry with me. She stayed professional and simply declined telling meif I decided to pay the deposit she'd love to see me. Well 2 minutes after hanging up I called her back and asked her to help me pay her the deposit. She did and 20 minutes later I was laying on her futon enjoying her wonderful feet. I  am thankful you didn't write me off as an asshole Veronica!

August 15, 2015

I had my first wrestling match with Veronica and it was a blast. We had so much fun and a great workout as well. She is great competition and quickly put me in my place. Need to repair my body and my damaged ego.

Ball Busting Fan

I visited Veronica for the third time today, and she was just as awesome as the first time. It's hard to write review for Veronica, because she is so enjoyable to be around that there is nothing to "review". Veronica really knows what she is doing, and she also gives amazing hugs. Yep. How is it possible to be a great hugger and a sadist? Go visit Veronica and find out. Chances are, whatever you are into, she will be excellent at it.

Veronica has a humanity about her that not a lot of people have, from all walks of life. I actually consider her a friend, which considering the violence she inflicted upon my nuts is rather amazing. If you hate yourself, Veronica isn't the best choice. But if you want an enjoyable and fulfilling session, she's GRRREAT!

Push My Limits
Oct. 8, 2015

First, I wanted to apologize for taking over a month to send you this review. 

I have been having sessions for almost a year now but a lot of times I settle. What I mean that is that I wanted someone who would  and could safely and comfortably push my physical limits and understand the need for that. When I couldn't get that I would simply have an OTK session with women I found on backpage. One day, I came across Veronica's ad and I saw that she did videos so I went and looked at several  sites and I knew that she would get it! If you have ever seen any of her videos you will understand. So I called her and she was very sweet and answered all of my questions. I told her I didn't want a safe word and she expressed she always gave a safe word or signal and it was up o me to use it or not. Let me say, she pushed my limits over and over again but she didn't just rely on me to use my safeword she paid attention to my body language, my facial expressions, and my breathing. After the session was over offered me some water and let me come down while caressing my shoulders. 

Curious Newbie

I've had several sessions with Veronica and even with the deposit she makes is easy to book her. Normally I see her within an hour of calling her. I have never gone to a professional before, but I am glad she was my 1st because she made me feel totally comfortable on the phone and by showing me various activities (some I was the dom and others the sub), giving me a fresh washcloth to use, and bottled water. I don't know if these are "normal" with other who offer sessions, but it seems to be her norm. She is a no-nonsense kind of girl, but it's obvious that she loves what she does and that she takes great pride in how she deals with people, in her website, her ads, her space and knowing the activities she offers. Which as a business owner I respect a great deal.  Plus, I love that she greets me with a smile and hug and says goodbye the same way.

Wrestling Fan

I called Veronica on Wednesday about having a semi-comp wrestling session. Even though I was unable to see her I was impressed with her. After we discussed the type of session I was looking for she apologized and said that she wasn’t feeling well and that she didn’t think she could give me the experience I deserved. I was impressed by that because I’ve had women who were sick and not up to snuff schedule matches with me anyway in the past and it was not only frustrating but I felt ripped off. Veronica obviously cares about her clients experience and herself a great deal and for those reason next time I’m Baltimore I will be calling her again. Feel better soon!

Butt Man

I had a wonderful butt drop session with Veronica. She is easy to book and very sweet. She meet me at the door with a smile and once inside I got this wonderful hug, then she invited me to get comfortable. Once comfortable we sat on the mats and we went over the session one more time and she gave me a safe word. She started off gently but then it got brutal and she began doing full force butt drops from the futon and from the mats. She also lifted herself from a school girl pin and did butt drops, a forward cowgirl position and a reverse cowgirl position. She literally took my breath away and got my imagination going. She has extremly strong legs and a nice firm ass. 

Experimenting -Baby Oil Facesitting

I had a wonderful time with Veronica. She's a beautiful woman, and has a very warm and sincere personality. I'll definitely visit her again. 

Just Call Me Choked

This is what happens when you mess with Veronica Vixen her knees on my arms pinned to the floor in a vicious school girl pin. This bruise is on my arm she really beat my ass up!

Not to mention being choked out multiple times by her strong tight arms! It was quickly apparent that when I locked up with her those arms of hers were much stronger than mine and I was in trouble. Once she got my back and locked on a choke I was finished as she just keeps squeezing it down till I was gurgling for air and tapping. Just call me choked. My throat is really sore from her chokes today. She even gave me her back and allowed me to get her in a choke!  I  love this lady and had a great time. Thank you Veronica!!!

Update posted by this client on FetLife  on 3-1-16: 

Just to let you guys know I have wrestled veronica and she is the real deal. I asked for chokes and 2 weeks later my neck is still sore from her twisting it with her strong arms. And let me tell u once her choke is locked on its over. Thanks for a great sesse Veronica!

Seasoned Session Wrestler

I have had several wrestling sessions at Veronica's place. Her legs are extremely strong and boy does she know how to use them! She also has a vicious choke hold. 

Facesitting Fan

On Apri 30th 2016, I had a 30 min Facesitting session With Veronica, she's a beautiful young lady, and has the personality to go with it! You can definitely tell that she loves what she does, she's a professional without a doubt. I'll definitely recommend anyone to experience a session with her. I know I'll be back in the near future to experience other fetishes with her!

Smelly  Feet Please

I found Veronica on BP, her pictures in her foot worship ad caught my attention. It was easy to set up a session with her and when I told her I was looking for smelly feet, she made it clear that she had showered at 8:30 and had been running around barefoot since. I told her I loved the smell canvas sneakers left.. when I got to her place she had on this sexy outfit with canvas sneakers! Her feet and toes were perfect and when she threw them in my face. OMFG! She definitely knows how to use her feet against men! She will see me again, very soon because she gave me an experience  I will not ever forget. 

Humiliate Me

I have had several sessions with Veronica, it amazes me how such a sweet woman can have such a vicious tongue when it comes to verbal humiliation. 

Hurt So Good

It was great from the time we meet as she whipped and flogged me I felt great .she knows what to do to please me  strictly professional I felt so great when I left there but I will have to wait till rear end settles down before I can go back which I will