WORKOUT SESSION: You can watch me do my 30-minute workout then enjoy sweaty foot worship, facesitting, armpit worship, or Goddess Worship. This can be in person or via webcam. I work out every morning at 7:30 am - 8 am. I will do a second workout just for YOU if you miss my morning workout. 

1-SIDED SCISSOR MATCH: During this match, you will experience a variety of scissor holds such as head scissors, body scissors, and figure four.  

STRAP-ON WRESTLING MATCH: These matches can be semi-competitive, domination, fantasy, 1-sided scissors, facesitting challenge, or a 2-on-1 wrestling match but at the end of these matches, the guy will bottom to strap-on. 
These ONLY take place in sessions that take place on video. In essence, you are paying fora video shoot!

GFE SEX FIGHT: Does the idea of watching 2 women sexually dominating each other turn you on? These matches can include domination wrestling, kissing, groping, 
tribbing, ass worship, pussy worship, using a Hitachi, or a strap-on. Each fighter wears something sexy and you do not participate  These ONLY take place in double domme sessions that take place on video. In essence, you are paying for and watching a video shoot!

SEMI-COMPETITIVE WRESTLING: If you want to put up more resistance, having a good workout and testing my skills and strength, then these are perfect for you. The main focus is not on winning. 

MMA WRESTLING: This is a semi-competitive wrestling match, both people wear MMA gloves and body shots are allowed. These are typically 3-5, 5 minutes rounds with
1-minute break between rounds. 

FANTASY WRESTLING: This is more of a 1-sided match with a little resistance from the "victim". This wrestling match and can take place in specific outfits including a variety of cosplay costumes. 

Check out my cosplay/roleplay costumes HERE!

DOMINATION WRESTLING: This match is more 1 sided with little to no resistance from the "victim" and can include other fetish activities. This session can include 
ball busting, cunt busting,  foot worship, humiliation, spanking, tickling, flogging, bondage, facesitting, and trampling. 

OIL WRESTLING: This match takes place in a large family size inflatable pool with vegetable oil on the surface. This fantasy or domination wrestling or strap on wrestling. 

FACESITTING CHALLENGE: This is a semi-competitive wrestling match but in this match, the only tap outs that count are those that are obtained by facesitting your opponent. 

2- on-1 WRESTLING: Do you think you can handle 2 beautiful dominant women on the mats? You are certain to lose and be dominated in the session unless you book me as a submissive and you and another woman demolish me on the mats! These are double domme These can include one wrestler pinning you down, while the other makes you submit. Or it can be a tag team match. 

CATFIGHTING: Perhaps you prefer watching 2 women fight each other. These matches can include wrestling, hair pulling, butt drops, and body punches. Each fighter wears MMA gloves and you do not participate outside of keeping score. 
These ONLY take place in double domme sessions that take place on video. In essence, you are paying for and watching a video shoot!

1- SIDED BEAT DOWN: Perhaps you crave unadulterated brutality, then this match is perfect for you! This is a 1-sided match in which the dominant wear MMA gloves.  These matches can include scissor holds, ball busting, cunt busting, body punches, facesitting, school girl pins, schoolboy pins, and butt drops. 

MUTUAL MIXED BEAT DOWN: A mixed mutual beatdown is MY version of a mixed catfight. I am NOT a boxer but I LOVE a good fight! These matches can include body punches,  face slaps, face punches, schoolboy pins, school girl pins, butt drops, leg kicks, stomach kicks, knees to the stomach, facesitting, cunt busting, ball busting, and scissor holds. 

 FOXY BOXING: Sensual and playful boxing. These matches have 4, 3-minute rounds. Head punches are NOT allowed. Only light stomach and chest punches. Cunt punches and ball punches are also allowed. Boxing gloves MUST be worn! For mixed foxy boxing, my DM (dungeon master) must be present. Or you can book double domme sessions that take place on video. In essence, you are paying for and watching a video shoot!


  • Please do NOT insult me by trying to haggle my rates.
  • My deposits reduce the number of No-Call-No-Shows and are required! Deposits are paid via an Amazon e-gift card or cash. 
  • If I allow you to drop off your cash deposit, it must be dropped off 24-hours prior to our appointment and you are simply dropping it off. It is not a meet-and-greet or session. 
Private Residence
Middle River, MD 21220
Send Me a Cash Tribute
  •  ball busting
  • boot worship
  • bondage
  • CBT
  • cunt busting
  • foot worship 
  • facesitting/smothering
  • trampling
  • heel worship
  • stocking/nylon worship
  • tickling
  • PT (pussy torture)
  • school girl/school boy pins
  • taboo roleplay (siblings, parent/child, teacher/student, babysitter child)
  • wax play
  • electro-stim
  • spanking
  • flogging
  • OTK
  • mummification
  • Goddess Worship
  • muscle worship
  • armpit worship
  • dunking
  • verbal/physical humiliation
  • lift and carry
  • limp fetish

NEW!! Monthly allowance. $1,500

This allows you to see me for up to 3 hours per week plus the opportunity for daily email or phone/text contact. Plus if you are willing to come out and do videos with me you could get additional time! The 3-hours per week can be fetish play, chores, running errands for me, sharing meals, ect.

FemDom Sessions

*These are sessions with me as the dominant
 15 minute Lunch Time Fetish Delight (single activity)  $90 
30 minutes (single activity) $180 
 45 minutes  $195 
1 hour $250 

90 min $375 w/ $50 deposit
2 hours $500 w/$75 deposit
3 hours $680 w/ $100 deposit
4 hours $800 w/ $100 deposit

1 hour Double Domination $500 w/ $100 deposit

Submissive/Switch Sessions

*These are sessions with me as the submissive 

Light and Sensual Activities: foot worship, heel worship, stocking worship, facesitting, tickling, OTK, school boy pins, and wax play

 15 minute Lunch Time Fetish Delight (single activity)  $125 
30 minutes (single activity) $230 
 45 minutes  $245 
1 hour $300 
90 min $425 w/ $50 deposit
2 hours $550 w/$75 deposit
3 hours $730 w/ $100 deposit

4 hours $800 w/ $100 deposit

1-hour double domination w/ me as the submissive $600 w/ $100 deposit

Heavy and Sadistic Sessions, these activities require my male dungeon master (DM) to be present and require 24-hour notice. All activities NOT listed as light and sensual are included in these activities. Bruises and marks are expected and relished!!

 15 minute Lunch Time Fetish Delight (single activity)  $150 
30 minutes (single activity) $255 
 45 minutes  $270 
1 hour $375 
90 min $450 w/ $50 deposit
2 hours $575 w/$75 deposit
3 hours $755 w/ $100 deposit
4 hours $875 w/ $100 deposit

1-hour Double Domination w/ me as the submissive $625 w/ $100 deposit

Fantasy/FemDom Wrestling includes 1-sided scissors, 1-sided beatdowns, domination wrestling, oil wrestling, and foxy boxing.

 15 minute Lunch Time Fetish Delight (1-sided scissors or 1-sided beatdown) $90 
30 minutes $180 
1 hour $300 

1 hour 2-on-1 wrestling match $600 w/ $100 deposit

Semi-Competitive Wrestling Matches include semi-competitive, MMA wrestling, facesitting challenge, and mixed mutual beatdowns. MMA wrestling matches and mixed mutual beatdown require my male Dungeon Master (DM) to be present. Deposits required if my dungeon master is required!

30 minutes $180 

1 hour $340 

1 hour 2-on-1 match $680 w/ $100 deposit

These are ONLY done on camera and you MUST provide ID and sign a model release form. My male videographer shoots all of my videos. Masks may be worn. You watch the GFE Sex Fight, Mixed GFE, or Catfight between me and another fetish provider. 

Catfight and GFE Sex Fight

1 hour $600 w/$100 deposit

Strap on Wrestling

30-minutes $250 w/ $50 deposit

1 hour $380 w/ $50 deposit

Mixed GFE w/ Black Alpha Male (tripod)

1 hour $600 w/$100 deposit