Private Residence
Middle River, MD 21220




Please follow me upstairs ...........


The Main Room:

  • A large area of mats approximately 10 feet x 12 feet 
  • Shelves that house a variety of fetish toys, strap-ons, several Hitachi, 2 sets of 12 oz boxing gloves, 2 boxing headgears, 2 sets of MMA gloves
  • Everlast PowerCore punching bag
  • 70 lbs MMA dummy aka Larry the practice dummy
  • A variety of ball gags, spider gags, and bone gags
  • A variety of cuffs, spreader bars, shackles, paddles, bullwhips, floggers, feather dusters, cat-o-nine tails, and other impact toys
  • A deconstructed St. Andrews Cross
  • A large family pool for oil wrestling
  • A custom CBT table 
  • ​A Custom smother box
  • An over-the-door sex swing
  • ​A leather futon/chase/bondage bed or a small blue futon


Classroom: Walk through the main room into the "dining room" area of the house and you will find a grammar school classroom. 

  • A large folding table for a desk with name tags and folding chairs
  • A large chalkboard with chalk
  • A bookshelf with children's books and board games



  • At the top of the stairs, you will find a bathroom. There is a shower available for clients to use. Simply let me know ahead of time so I can set out clean towels and wash clothes for you. 

In October of 2017, I moved to a larger home that gave me more than double the rooms for you to enjoy. I have many toys that can be added to any room for your session. There are 5 areas/rooms that can/are used for sessions and video shoots. 

I am ALWAYS adding new equipment and working to improve my space and your experience! Want to gift me toys or equipment? Check out my Amazon wishlist! 


Red Room: The red room is my taboo baby girls room. This room is perfect for a variety of taboo roleplay and fetish activities. 

  • A twin bed
  • A dresser with a variety of stockings/nylons and socks
  • A high top table with 2 bar stools perfect for foot worship. Attached to the table is a chain and collar
  • A variety of feathr dusters, floggers, gags, and impact toys. 
  • My cosplay closet. See the list of costumes. I am always adding new costumes and have some on my Amazon wishlist if you want to gift me something. 
  • This is the room that traveling fetish providers and fetish models stay in when staying over night with me. 

Send Me a Cash Tribute
Send Me a Cash Tribute