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Veronica Vixen

Professional Switch since 1998

Fetish Model for Hire: My portfolio 

Session Wrestler & Catfighter

CPR First Aid Certified

2-hour notice required. 

main room


Professional Switch & Session Wrestler.

1-on-1 sessions available

2-on-1 or double domination sessions available with Veronica

24-hour notice required. 

fetish websites

role play sessions

  • age play 
  • adult / child 
  • teacher / student
  • batman / bat girl 
  • batman / poison ivy
  • creepy clown / cute clown
  • nun 
  • nurse / patient
  • pony play (with Pandora only)
  • kidnapper / victim
  • babysitter / child 
  • nerd girl / bully 
  • zombie / human 
  • black widow / human 
  • blackmail (only takes place on video)
  • rapist / victim (only takes place on video)
  • race play
  • forced crossdressing
  • forced bi training (only takes place on video)
  • forced exercise 

fetish activities

Unsure about what a specific activity is or how I define a specific activity? Check out my BDSM dictionary


Veronica Vixen's Play Space was opened in Baltimore 2010, Veronica Vixen's Play Space was the result of Veronica's desire to have a place of her own to host fetish sessions and video shoots. Let her help you discover the beauty of the fetish play, the freedom, and its mystery. From 1-on-1 sessions and double domination sessions to special events hosted by our experts, we're here to connect you with your fetish fantasies.

About Veronica Vixen

heavy Impact sessions

  • ball busting (barefoot)
  • ball busting (boots)
  • ball busting (hands only)
  • bastinado (caning / beating of the feet)
  • beatdown (punches, kicks, scissors, facesitting)
  • breath play
  • cage confinement (coming soon)
  • caning
  • cloth pins
  • cock and ball torture 
  • cock crushing (barefoot)
  • cock crushing (boots)
  • corporal punishment (hard with no broken skin)
  • crops
  • electro stimulation
  • extended bondage
  • extended mummification
  • face slapping
  • flogging 
  • gags
  • hoods
  • lift and carry (130 lbs and under)
  • nipple torture
  • school girl pins
  • school boy pins
  • spanking (paddles)
  • strap on (only takes place on video)
  • trampling (barefoot)
  • trampling (boots)
  • water boarding (only takes place on video)
  • blow job (only takes place on video)
  • cuckolding (only takes place on video)


My male videographer and acting Dungeon Master (DM).

Want activities only done on video in a session? He charges $150 per hour, this fee is in addition to your session fee. 

1-on-1 Wrestling sessions available

2-on-1 or double domination sessions available with Veronica

24-hour notice required. 

who is here

blue room 


  • Main room - blue futon, wrestling mats, deconstructed cross, and BDSM equipment
  • Grammar School Classroom - long desk, chalkboard, books, board games
  • Little Girls Bedroom (Red Room) - twin bed, high top table & stools, toys / games, coloring books, cosplay closet
  • Blue Room - leather futon / chase / bondage bed, lingerie closet
  • Basement - Private Dungeon & Wrestling Area - bondage stool, CBT table, smother box, deconstructed cross, bondage chains from the ceiling, BDSM equipment
  • Bathroom & Shower Facilities
  • Want to rent out my space for fetish sessions or photo / video shoots?  $50 per hour, $150 for 4-hours, $300 for 8-hours this includes the use of the facilities and equipment. Deposit Required. Rental agreement required. Email

wrestling & fighting sessions

  • 1-sided beatdown
  • 1- sided scissors
  • 2-on-1 wrestling
  • catfight (only takes place on video)
  • domination wrestling (femdom)
  • domination wrestling (male dom)
  • facesitting challenge 
  • fantasy wrestling (in cosplay costumes)
  • foxy boxing (light and playful boxing)
  • GFE sex fight (only takes place on video)
  • loser eats pussy (only takes place on video)
  • mma wrestling (light body shots  while wearing mma gloves)
  • mixed mutual beatdown (boxing gloves)
  • oil wrestling
  • semi-competitive wrestling
  • strap on wrestling (only takes place on video)
  • human punching bag (boxing gloves or MMA gloves, bondage, punches, kicks, and cunt busting/ball busting can be included)


Light Impact sessions

  • armpit worship
  • barehanded OTK
  • body worship 
  • blindfolds
  • boot worship (clean)
  • boot worship (dirty)
  • corsets
  • corner time
  • domestic servitude
  • facesitting / smothering
  • foot worship (natural)
  • foot worship (dirty)
  • foot worship (sweaty)
  • foot worship (drizzled in honey)
  • heel worship (clean)
  • heel worship (dirty)
  • human furniture (foot stool or chair)
  • humiliation 
  • knife play
  • mummification
  • nylon / stocking worship (clean)
  • nylon / stocking worship (dirty)
  • pin wheel
  • sensory deprivation
  • small penis humiliation
  • tickling
  • verbal abuse
  • wax play
  • workout / gym training
  • hand job (only takes place on video)
  • foot job (only takes place on video)
  • workout / gym training (watch me workout)
  • ass worship (only takes place on video)
  • pussy worship (only takes place on video)

  • 18+ only
  • Veronica is a RACK practioner
  • Non-sexual activities only unless you are booking a recorded session. 
  • Deposits required and are paid via an Amazon e-gift card or you can pay it in cash 24 hours prior to your session. 
  • Cash only. (other than deposits)
  • No drugs.
  • No alcohol. 
  • Safe words and or signals must be given and respected.
  • Dungeon Master (DM) may be required. 
  • No golden showers. 
  • No brown showers. ​
  • No cutting in knife play. 
  • No public play. Consent is always required. 
  • My videographer shoots all recorded sessions, you must provide ID, sign a model release, and in some cases sign an injury waiver. 

red room 

 Never had a session with a fetish provider before? Don't worry! Veronica sessions with new fetishists and lifestylers, and clients of all ages and ethnicities. She's wrestled 62-year-old men, and also facesat an 18-year old for his birthday. Let her help guide you on an adventure like none other.


We're outfitted to help you make your fetish desires come true.



Professional Switch & Fantasy Wrestler. 

1-on-1 sessions available

2-on-1 or double domination sessions available with Veronica.

24-hour notice required.

grammar school classroom