Private Residence
Middle River, MD 21220



Other occasions when you should pamper me after all, doing so leaves a great impression:

  • Meeting me for the first time (or second or third time) if you call yourself a slave and prior to submitting a video participant form and asking to be used in my videos. 
  • December 22 (Winter Solstice)
  • January 1 (New Year)
  • June 20 (Summer Solstice)
  • October 31 (play space anniversary)


If you are in the same city with Me, why not take Me shopping or for a spa day (massage, manicure, and pedicure)? Reserve 2-3 hours of your time and at least $300 budget. Let Me know beforehand if you prefer to avoid a public display of  Domination/submission.


I have some projects that I am working on for the new play space, some of them are smaller projects while others are larger and more expensive projects.  You can designate the gift card to a specific project if you like or if coming to see me in person you can bring a gift card of the item! 

- wrestling mats for the red room/taboo babygirl's room - Sams Club $22 per pack / 3 packs needed

- chalk board paint for the red room/taboo babygirl's room - HomeDepot

- washer & dryer - Home Depot

- electric fireplace entertainment center - Home Depot

- white plastic wash tubs for storage of fetish equipment - 16 tubs needed 

- potted plants (indoor)  - Walmart or HomeDepot

- Rubbermaid storage shed

  • Amazon Wishlist - If you purchase me an item that is highest or high priority I will send you a solo video of me using the item or it in the background of the video! 
  • Urban Air gift card - This indoor trampoline park is one of my favorite places to go play & unwind! I enjoy the free jump area, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. A 2.5-hour all-inclusive pass is only $25. 
  • Walmart & Sams Club e-gift card  - I shop at these stores on a monthly basis!!
  • Home Depot e-gift card  - Flowers, plants and other items for my patio, home, and play space! 
  • Shaffer Farms - You can order me ground venison, venison cubes, and venison liver from Shaffer Farms, email me for my shipping address. This earns you a gift from me!!! 

I love to be pampered, and My submissives,  slaves, and fans contributed to My addiction to being spoiled.  If you want to win My attention or just feel like showing Me your devotion, definitely the best way is to offer Me a nice gift.

My birthday is on September 1st. Don't just send a "Happy Birthday" message send a gift with it, after all, it's about celebrating Me and showering Me with gifts and attention.   

For all E-Gift Cards use the email if you want to mail me a physical Gift Card contact me for my mailing address. 

Cash meets available if your cash gift is $100 or more and you MUST put a $25 deposit via an Amazon e-gift card. 

I always prefer monetary tributes or gift cards over wish list items!