1) High-quality cameras. HD is available and utilized! 
2) Professional lighting equipment. 
3) Professional
4) Many extremely sexy & talented professional fetish providers (ProDommes, ProSwitches, and ProSubs) and session wrestlers at your disposal. 
5) We have
talent that you will NEVER see outside of our video! 
6) Our team is made up of men & women of all ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, and body types! 
7) We have multiple rooms, settings and a variety of fetish equipment available! 
8) Our work speaks for itself! Check out our videos on Roxi SmothersKinster Fetish, Smothering Black AssesVeronica Vixen's Play Space, and Academy Wrestling (we produce the ACAE, SOAPE, SOAPGFE)! Plus you can read REVIEWS from former custom clients! 


Fill out my custom request for giving me details about your personal fetish fantasy, which models you are interested in, the intended length (10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes), the requested costumes and type of poses, holds, punches, or ending you want to see. 

You can now also fill out the "Request Custom Video Clip" form on ManyVids and pay via ManyVids.com.  Please be aware the price is higher paying this way due to them taking a percentage. 


Pricing is based upon the complexity of your script. I will take into consideration the number of performers needed, the performers requested, the requested activities, the attire, the length of the video, special props required, as well as any additional fees such as talent testing that may be required. The easier the custom is for us to produce, the lower the overall price will be. 

* Please note that most of our models are not professionally trained wrestlers. They are, however, very good at entertaining and taking part in a variety of fetishes that BSDL Video and I are known for on our websites as well as those produced for sites such as Academy Wrestling. 

* Every model has their individual limits that will always be respected. If you are looking for a specific activity or dynamic I will direct you to the models that are open to those activities and or dynamics.  Each model has an individual bio on the MODELS page. 


  • 10 - minute video with Veronica Vixen starts at $60
  • 10 - minute video with 1 model other than Veronica starts at $80. They MUST already be booked for a shoot! 
  • me & local model (male or female) starts at $600
  • me & local model (male or female) mutual cunt busting or ball busting vs cunt busting starts at $800
  • girl - girl sexual contact starts at $900 - sexual contact is ass worship, pussy worship, strap on or any other vaginal insertions
  • guy - girl sexual contact starts at $900  - sexual contact is ass worship, pussy worship, hand jobs, foot jobs, blow jobs, facials, tit fucking, vaginal sex, or any other vaginal insertions
  • $1,200  or more- for all anal scenes this includes female anal scenes and men taking a strap-on
  • 3 models (males and or females) start at $1500
  • male - male fetish starts at $600
  • exclusive content starts at $1000 - this includes videos with a specific person's name in it  as well as videos that you do not want me to sell on my site


Once I've approved your script and received your pay
ment (postal money orders or ManyVids) we will schedule the models. I DO NOT take PayPal payments for custom videos. The date of the shoot is usually within one to two weeks after I have received payment. If you are asking for a custom video with a single model also knownas a solo or POV video then it will be shot when the model is brought out for other activities in addition to your custom. (the exception to that is if the single model is me) In case there is a scheduling conflict or if a shoot has to be rescheduled I will contact you immediately to let you know.  

Based upon the complexity of editing and other factors, your finished video will be sent to you via WeTransfer within 7-14 days of the actual shoot. If you request to have your custom sent to you on a DVD via the USPS additional shipping fees will apply. 

* In the event that one of your chosen models is unavailable after your payment has been made we will offer a replacement model or refund your money.

 * We reserve the right to offer your
custom for sale on our sites after you have received the finished product.

My name is Veronica Vixen and these custom videos are a collaboration between myself and bsdlvideo. He has been producing fetish videos for over 20 years! While I have been hosting in -person sessions as a professional switch since 1994. So we are a ROCKSTAR team! 

As a professional switch, I have the pleasure or giving people a safe place to carry out their fetish fantasy in real life but I know that is not always possible. Perhaps you are too shy or worse we are seas apart from having a session together. Well, fear not! Send me your custom request today with your ideas or script. I will get back to you with feedback & options, on how I can bring your personal fantasy to live in a custom video. It's just like when booking a session with me, except in many ways better because your budget is your only real limiting factor!

I have a talented team of men and women that I work with and each of them brings, something unique to the team. Many of the women are professional dommes, professional switches, and session wrestlers. Some are published models, while others have walked the runway, we even have some porn girls and women who have appeared in mainstream movies! Don't worry we also work with men & women who have NEVER been seen on any platform before because they are not industry folks or models! 

I will NOT take a custom if I don't think we can not only do it but exceed your expectations.

Role-play and fetish - based requests are always welcome! This can involve wrestling, catfights, beat downs, scissoring, facesitting, foot worship, cunt busting, Female Domination, Male Domination, lesbian sex, footjobs, blow jobs, tickling, bondage, or any other interesting topics you have in mind. 

* I have an extensive and ever-growing collection of cosplay costumes, lingerie, and wrestling outfits that can be worn! Plus you can always supply a specific wardrobe or props for your custom video. Check out my cosplay/roleplay costumes HERE!!!




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