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I am a strong and athletic Switch and Mistress. I am a RACK practitioner, who respects and cherishes concent.

I've earned the reputation over the years of being a heavy bottom and top. While I certainly CAN be heavy (and thoroughly enjoy it) my main focus is always intensity and my partner. A scene can be relaxed, sensual, playful, sadistic, or high protocol.... I pride myself in always being always being ME while engaging with my clients! I feed off of your energy. I will read your body like my favorite Stephan King novel. 


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Private Residence
Middle River, MD 21220

If you crave humiliation and degradation, my soft-spoken words will bring you to the brink of tears. You will beg and plead for me to "STOP" but your tears will feed my desire to push you to the edge of the abyss and I will only end the torment when you say the magic word. If you crave pain, as a Switch and true pain slut... I have experienced pain like never imagined so I can bring you pain like you have never imagined while I protect you from harm (permanent harm that is). While watching your body react to my every touch, bringing you to the brink of calling out your safe word only to reel it in and toy you with longer. If you love sensual and erotic scenes let me show you what true ecstasy is, as I allow you to taste my heavenly body and inhale my feminine scents. 

In reality... very little is taboo in my world and I am not easily offended. 

Want to Serve Me Personally? You must serve me either financially or as a video sub/slave. Send me an introduction letter telling me about yourself, please include how you want to serve me. If you want to serve me financially include your income and a break down of your expenses. I practice financial domination NOT financial ruination. Or you can simply send tribute using the links below! Want to send me a money order for one of the items below? Email

 If you want to serve as a video sub/slave you MUST come out as a video participant first, you can find the form and requirements HERE.